Dancing With Grief Workshop – FREE – Wednesday April 11th @7pm


Dancing with Grief Seminar 

Instructor: Jennifer Wortham, LCSW, Certified Thanatologist

Have you lost someone or something that you cared deeply about? Maybe it was a loved one, a dream, a marriage, a job…or something else. Does it feel like your grief will never go away?  Or does it seem like the only way to handle it is to run from the feelings in the hope they will disappear?  Come and learn more about grief, how yes, it clearly hurts at times and why it is not to be feared.  Pick up these useful pointers to better help you cope:

  • the difference in grieving styles
  • tasks involved in grieving
  • what to do in the moments we feel overcome.

Presented by Jennifer Wortham, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Thanatologist, specialist in loss and grief, in practice over 20 years.


Register in advance to reserve your spot.


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